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At Mom's Restaurant it's all about good food.

Conveniently located on Fort Street in Trenton, Mom's is a recently expanded and renovated family restaurant that offers a cozy atmosphere and fresh food made daily from scratch. With a diverse selection of menu items to choose from, Mom's is the perfect destination for breakfast with family, lunch with coworkers, dinner with friends and everything in between.

With over 40 years of restaurant experience under his belt, owner Gus Dimopoulos has perfected many delicious meals and the art of being a great host. For the past 23 years at Mom's, Gus has built a loyal customer base, loyal staff (some that have been there for the first day!) and a commitment to Down River. Whether it's hosting a booth at the annual PNC Roar on the River, supporting local high school sports, or being members of the Rotary Club, you can find Mom's all over the community. Not to mention their commitment to global causes like the UNICEF Tap Water Project.

But at the end of the day it's all about the food. And Mom's believes in good food. Stop by to see for yourself today!
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